Discobots NBN Teaser


This is the best teaser I have seen! I can’t wait to see the full reveal!


My sister team recommended for me to watch this AND WOW! This is simply amazing!

Watch? Anyway, nice pictures, and the hype is real.

i dont know where the video is

I’m excited :smiley:

The reveal will be posted Tuesday.

The DISCO VEX Alliance is going to bring a number of robots to VEX worlds.
Come by our pit and pick up a Disco Ball !

Disco from Texas, 2 HS robots.
2587z (zeta) in SCIENCE division
2587g (gamma) in MATH division

Disco from Canada, 6 HS teams
1104G in MATH division
1104H in SCIENCE division
1104M in TECHNOLOGY division
1104V in ENGINEERING division
1104X in ARTS division
1104Z in MATH division

in Middle School
2587x (x-ray) in OPPORTUNITY division

in VEXiq Middle School
1010A from Texas
1140A from Canada
2587x from Texas

And in VEXiq Elementary from Canada

Not if I quote it. :d

The curse is alive.

It is Tuesday. Make the pictures move plz.

Get the pitchforks its time to riot.

Actually though, when is it?

I agree with the above. I’m excited to see what you’ve created.
Seriously the hype is real. Also good job to photographer. Really cool effects!


lol they aren’t in brampton, they are at worlds rn :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m insane

It’s still only mid day where ever they are. (Louisville?) Unless they are in Australia or Asia or somewhere. But I have my doubts that they are.

This is all I’ve been waiting for since Sunday :slight_smile: