DiscoBots Nothing But Net Teaser


Worlds Finalist Confirmed.

All I can say is no wonder you have 257 in skills.
Also, congratulations on winning every award at worlds :wink:

457 not 257


That 10 bps makes me want to cry :’)
Vex worlds 2016 will be known as “Peter’s play pen”

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Thank god I’m in middle school…xD

I’m interested to see what kind of monstrosity this is. Definitely the pits ( along with 1104) to see this year.

Amazing fire rate. Can’t wait to see you at worlds (just hopefully not in my division).

If you don’t see any of the disco texas teams, you’ll for sure see their canadian teams in your division :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job @Discobots_2587z cya at World!

By seeing that teaser and knowing what Texas and Canada teams have, I can tell what the robot is. And it does look like your ball loading people have to be on their toes (even though you do not do the 10bps at skills or a match).

looks like a 4664C copy to me :wink:

I have a question. Who is Thomas? And why do all of your guys’s teams have PrayForThamas2k16 or some variation of that.


Because Thomas needs to be prayed for.


Rip Thomas

Hmmm. Can you tell us a little about the teaser? Because there is a break in the video between shots, and when you pan over to the bot, there is no indication of the flywheels spinning down. Seems a touch fishy, but I would be happy to eat my words if you can show us it works… If you have nailed 10 bps, whoa, awesome.

That robot is oatmeal from Toss Up.

I have seen it. It is for real.

Any leak-able information?