DiscoBots Nothing But Net Teaser

I don’t mind you saying your flywheel can reach a speed to shoot 10bps, but lemme know when you find a loader that fast , 32 balls in 8s (4bps) is my record with double loading. If you do find that person, I will bow down to their masterful loading technique XD

lol, I think the aim of a 10bps fire rate isn’t to shoot that fast with driver loads in skills (no one can load 10bps… especially not when you have to stuff the balls in your t-shirt), but rather to be able to shoot all 4 balls off in an instant when fielding and have a high, but manageable, fire rate full field (I’m assuming it would be around 3-4 bps full field).

I do not fell like dying. I will not spoil the DiscoBot’s robots.

I found a leaked photo, attached below.

So did I.

And for all those ball feeders out there. Get ready. DJ Scarf will be dropping the beats at the Ball Feeders Ball.

Sure, there is a break in the video because our human players can’t quite load 10bps :3 and the robot we show after the shot is our TossUp robot (Oatmeal) sitting on the remains of our SkyRise robot (TARs).

We (along with 1104) will be posting a full reveal sometime in the week before worlds which will show our shot in more detail.

Thomas had a brain transplant.

Damn thats impressive