Disconection when compiling program

We are receiving an error when we attempt to compile our program to the robot. When we try to compile all lights briefly go red and the controller disconects from the cortex via the VEXNET keys. Our program will eventually compile after unpluging and turning off the robot. Does anyone have other suggestions as to how we can fix this issue. We have redownloaded the firmware multiple times and each time it says we are up to date.
Kaleb Lange
Head Programer/Team Lead
VRC 3281A
York, PA

Are the keys themselves up to date? Is robotC throwing any errors when that happens. Does it drive and connect fine?

Have you updated Robotc? It recently had an update.

The only errors we see are once it doesn’t connect not during the process of getting it to connect. I will verify that the keys and Robotc are up to date but I do believe I just updated it about a month or two ago.