Disconnect Bug

Over the last week I have had a bug were my robot would disconnect over vexnet extremely often and even disconnect over wired usb. After slowly working through every IME fix and code fix I tried looking for other problems.

Having now fixed it I learned it was due to static buildup from the tiles sliding along on wooden floors causing either the vexnet key or the cortex to chrash depending on if I was hardwired or using vexnet. I also learned I had a bad Vexnet key.

I solved all of my issues by
switching out vexnet key
putting weight on the foam tiles

Has anyone else had static related issues that weren’t related to IMEs? Or is it just because I have smooth floors, only 10 tiles and a powerful drive train?

I can cause static buildup on my robots anytime I drive on the ceramic tiles in my house, doesn’t matter if IMEs are connected or not. Usually nothing bad happens but if I drive even a few feet and then touch the robot I get a spark. There are many variables involved and the exact positioning of cortex wrt to the structure and other wiring will be the difference between crashing the CPU or not I suspect.

Static build up obviously isn’t affected by IMEs but I had never heard of issues caused by static except when related to IMEs.

Sorry if there was confusion; I was asking if others have had similar static bugs unrelated to IMEs.

I experienced a similar problem where I could not get connection with VEXnet or wired between the cortex and joystick. Static is present in my basement where my field is, but it was not the only thing factoring into the problem.

What would you recommend doing to minimize the risk of the CPU crashing when static buildup occurs?