Disconnected port warning system

I’ve been wondering if it is possible to create a system to display any disconnected ports (through lcd display) without testing each piece of hardware to see if it runs, such as running a motor to see if it works as it would be tedious to run all 12 motors + test sensors.

This is built into the PROS system by default – you will get a dismissable error box with a list of all ports that don’t match what your software thinks they are.

For example, your software claims there’s a motor on port 11 (by executing some code that uses a motor on port 11). If you have some other device or nothing plugged into that port, you’ll get this pop-up:

Cortex or V5 ? We can do this on V5 but not contex.

On Cortex, you’d probably want an encoder on every motor. You could then move each motor through a fraction of a turn to see if it moves the encoder at all. Not really an ideal solution, but the Cortex can’t tell you if stuff is plugged in or not, where as V5 can.