Disconnection while running program


Our team is experiencing very frequent disconnection while the RobotC program debug window is open. When a disconnection occurs, it gives the error message: “Failure Reading motor variables” in the program debug window. There is also a slow red single blink on the VEXnet light on the controller and cortex. The VEXnet does not reconnect until remote and cortex are turned off then on. The connection is much better without the debug window open, and it holds the connection very well.

We are using the VEXnet 2.0 keys and have all the updated software and firmware.

Would you be able to tell us why this is happening and how we can allow our VEXnets to hold a steady connection?

Thank you!

Which version of ROBOTC is being used? This information can be found under the ‘Help -> About ROBOTC’ menu in ROBOTC; this will give me a point to start looking for potential issues.

In the meantime, I suggest reconfiguring the Cortex and Joystick controller (redownload Master firmware on each, re-pair the two together, update the VEXNet Keys’ firmware (if using VEXNet 2.0 keys), and redownload the ROBOTC firmware to the Cortex). Full instructions on this process can be found here: http://www.robotc.net/wiki/Tutorials/Getting_Started/Getting_Started_with_the_VEX_CORTEX#Configuring_the_VEX_Cortex_for_a_WIRELESS_connection_using_the_VEXnet_Joysticks

Thank you in advance for the information.

We are using RobotC version 4.10, and we have already tried doing what you said in your response.