discontinued parts

I am from a team that was recently begun. I have designed a slaved pulley for the skyrise game and need to get some discontinued parts. In partucular I would like to know if anyone would be willing to sell me any Linear Slide (2-pack)
(P/N: 276-1096). I would like these because I find the new slides to be too difficult (and poor fitting) that I worry for the lift. I would be willing to buy up to 3 packs (6 total slide sets inner and outer members) but only need 5. I would also be willing to buy one set at a time if that is all that can be managed. Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

cough https://vexforum.com/t/new-triple-lift-preview/26775/1 cough
Just thought you would want to see what can be done with the new slides.

I see that that is possible but it is much heavier than my design. I also want more structural support. I will include a copy of the cad to show what it is I am doing.
Next pulley.iam (1.86 MB)

You can’t upload .iam because they contain references to files that only you have. You need to export it by either using Pack & Go or shrinkwrapping the assembly into one .ipt.

Post a step file so anyone can open it with either SolidWorks, Inventor, etc.


Post some screenshots its easier.

I am new to this and must apologize. I have used pack and go and zipped the file (7-zip). The file is 19mb+. what should I do?

Can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Thanks.
next pulley 1.jpg
next pulley 2.jpg
next pulley 3.jpg

Pics are a bit small.

How is the lift driven? I see lots of slides but no real way to make them extend.

I have a winch in a different cad that winds a string that enters at the back with the vex pulley (not my custom ones on the slides but the one that is perpendicular to the slides).

This series of pictures shows a good way to create a similar effect with the new slides

Use the plastic guides in pairs. For each stage, you will have one bolted to the top of slide 1 and free-sliding on slide 2, and one bolted to the bottom of slide 2 and free sliding on slide 1. Doesn’t matter which you use the outer or inner for. This works better than a single fixed slide, because it maximizes a characteristic called bearing ratio, or the effective length of linear contact between slides at any given time. This reduces binding and helps the elevator lift more smoothly.

That lift actually has no drive mechanism (pulley). when you add pulleys, the spacing changes drastically (I have a plan B). And that is why I prefer the old slides.

I would like state again the intent of my original post: getting parts. I am still in need of the old linear slide pack and am willing to pay retail plus for the packs. If anyone may have some left over I am interested. The product is <Linear Slide (2-pack) P/N: 276-1096>. Thank you for your help.

I’m from 1069F in Colorado, I think we might have enough slides for you but I have to check. I will have to make sure the rest of the team is ok with it to.

Thank you very much. I am in Indiana and will speak with my coach about further contact.

Hey again,
My coach wasn’t able to meet cause of an emergency, but I talked to everyone else. Right now we have 4 sets of sliders. We have 5 other teams in a our club so I will find a 5th. I’m going to be gone this weekend, but I should have all the parts by Wednesday.

We are currently facing similar problems. But if you think positively, the new slides reduce weight significantly and can achieve similar result. Buld quality is everything. Although I do think that old slides should be continued.

The old slides in aluminum would be ideal!

Thank you again and I will let my coach know. If you could have your coach or mine make contact with each other (send email addresses or something) we can hash out the transfer.

Aluminum has much more friction than steel, so they wouldn’t actually be ideal. The old ones were heavy, yes, but that’s the price you pay for their rigidity.