Discontinued parts

I just noticed that the following parts are listed as “Discontinued”.

Integrated Motor-Encoders.
LCD screens.
Partner joysticks.

I can’t say I’ll ever miss the IMEs but the LCD screens are what shook me up a little. I was under the impression that we would have at least a year or so to make the transition to the V5, but without LCD screens to replace the ones that inevitably fry out… uh…

Will we have any kind of advanced warning when other things might become “Discontinued”?

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I imagine there will be used ones for sale somewhere.

Used robot part to me are high risk low reward situation.

I know how used and abused our hardware is. I don’t know if I could ever trust a used motor, we have a box of about 30 of them that are just garbage. Those brushed motors are good for like one season tops, and last year I am certain we were losing 2 motors per tournament.

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Yes, that’s the problem. Also, a lot of organizations are okay with paying for new parts from a known vendor but will turn paralytic the moment you ask them to buy something used from some random place.

Maybe I’m mistaken but I thought we were told there would be at least a 3 year transition in which the “old” pre-V5 stuff would still be allowed in tournaments. From that, I innocently presumed new pre-V5 parts would be available for at least another year as everyone transitioned. Now, however, it seems we are left standing at the edge of one side of a canyon, looking at the really cool stuff over yonder on the other side, and wondering where the bridge might be.

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We’re like in this weird hybrid transition of like a Big Bang transition and phased introduction and it does not look good at all

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Yeah. So much for a graceful transition!

Right and some places, especially Universities have to buy thing through approved vendors and ebay usually doesn’t apply.

edit: Hey look, there is a new thread about this.

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Don’t forget the VEX Speaker and the 5" wheel(Available while it lasts) is discontinued as well.
The VEC Cortex, Ultrasonic Range Finder, Motor Controller, Shaft Encoders, Tank Tread Kit, Flashlight, 3-Wire servo replacement gears, Battery straps, and Battery extension Cables are out of stock.