discontinued vex linear slides

The now discontinued vex linear slides are a commonly-used component , especially this year due to Skyrise’s need for linear vertical motion as well as anti-tip mechanisms. I was about to order some this morning when I realized that they are completely out of stock. There is already at least one thread talking about this as well. I looked on the other websites that sell vex parts and they are out of stock as well. Do you know of a way I could get a hold of a few of them? (I need exactly 6, or 3 packs of 2):slight_smile:

P.S. The new ones will not do the job because the plastic trucks can’t withstand the same sort of shear forces when sliding or when stationary.

Thanks for the question,

Unfortunately our supply of the old style linear slides have been exhausted; if you have not been able to find them online then they may not be available for purchase.

The “inner” plastic slide from the new linear slide kit is very strong. Are you sure it won’t meet your requirements?

If you must have the old linear slides, then I would suggest contacting teams in your area to see if they have any they might be willing to sell or trade.

  • Charlie