Discontnued Thin 2.75 Omni Wheels are NOT Legal, but I'll take yours

I’m kind of sad about this ruling because it starts the slippery slope of other materials (like the awesome metal slides) to fall out of favor.

Edited to add the original discontinue link:

But before you torch / toss / etc your thin 2.75 Omni wheels send me a note. I build thing that are not for competition in both VRC / VEXIQ and would love to have some more of the smaller omni wheels. Thanks!


Wait are the thicc regular 2.75 inch omnis not legal anymore?

Edit: OP is talking about thin single roller tracking omni wheels, not the thick double roller ones. The thin ones haven't been available in a long time.


Though on the VEX website, there is a label on a double tracking omni wheel that also says it has been discontinued.

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This is the thin ones I’m talking about, not in stock since 2012. There are lots of teams that may have some floating around.

That is these wheels 3.25" Omni-Directional Wheel (4-Pack) • $43.99 (Discontinued)
SKU#: 276-3526
These have also been discontinued. They came out to support the high strength shafts. I’ve never seen them, but if you’ve got them and want to unload them, PM me.


It’s a shame that these wheels became illegal. I hoarded a lot of them the last couple of seasons just to make tracking wheels.


Yep, they are amazing for that and until recently they were the gold standard for that.

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