Discounted VEX IQ Challenge Game Kits

While supplies last, we are now offering a significant discount on old VIQC game kits.

Use these kits to introduce a “new” challenge to your classroom, or to just stock up on VEX IQ Parts!

Kit availability varies internationally.


Now that’s what I’m talking about,

Take. My. Money.


Yay!! Clear that warehouse space for new, cool parts!!!

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Is there going to be some sort of clearance deal for V5 parts??? :thinking: :crossed_fingers:

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Plz tell me when the vex field goes to sale

For VRC, VEX would probably not want to discount any thing that are currently in use for competitions. For VEXIQ, their field got enlarged so it would make sense for them to discount the smaller size field.

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The big 6x8 Field is made of a small 4x8 Field (which in turn is two half small Fields anyway) plus an addon pack of tiles and edges.


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