Discrepancy between game manual and official Q&A

I was reading the official Q&A and A question about mobile goals not touching tiles seems to cause a contradiction with the manual. (Question linked here: https://www.robotevents.com/VRC/2021-2022/QA/804) The solution to this question seems to state that only Mobile Goals touching a gray foam tile (or the Alliance Platform) count as scored. The game manual states that towers that are being possessed by a robot are considered and therefore scored. If a robot is in possession of a tower but it is not touching the platform, (like in the picture below) would it be considered scored? 20210727_120911

I believe the Q and A only applied to mogos scored in the home zone as opposed to on the platform. So I think this would be considered scored.


The note on the definition of elevated states that mobile goals in the possession of an elevated robot also count as elevated, but there isn’t any equivalent rule that I know of for a robot in the home zone, so the goal would only count as scored if the platform is balanced in that picture


yes, contact with the platform is considered transitive as you’ve noticed in the manual.
What the q&a is referring to is a goal that is scored in an alliance’s home zone, not balanced on the platform. As of now, goals need to be directly contacting an alliance’s home zone (the tiles, tape lines, or the platform structure) to be counted as scored in that alliance’s home zone.

However, I believe this definition will change:

in the next manual update.


Here’s the note from the definition of elevated in the manual,

“For the purposes of this definition, any Mobile Goals that are in Possession of an Elevated Robot are also considered Elevated. See Figure 11 for more information.”

Yes, that mobile goal is elevated on the platform. The issues of contacting the grey tiles would only occur if the robot was not elevated either on an unbalanced platform or just on the tiles. But as @Xenon27 mentioned, a change to that will be coming very soon.


Game manual update today: "The Alliance Home Zones are a 3-dimensional volume, defined by the infinite upward projection from the foam tiles inside of the Alliance Home Zone boundaries. " VRC Tipping Point Game Manual Updates - #6 by VEX_GDC