discuss: more than 4 balls in programming, DQ?

A video of 386 points programming challenge shows up on youtube recently.
The debating part is the robot accidentally took 5 balls in the last 10 secs, and shot in.
So the question is, if it’s not intentional in programming challenge, would that result in a DQ or just a warning?

For example, robot is programmed to take 4 balls, but accidentally one ball is on its way, and automatically robot takes that ball, too.

This action is not intentional, so under this circumstance, is this gonna be considered as “Minor violations” and get a warning, or “match affecting” and get a DQ?

Here’s what Karthik has said: (from “Answered: Accidental Controling of More Balls in Programmers skills”)

I would guess that the skills run should be disqualified (i.e. given a zero) if this happened.

we are also supposed to bring up the problem with the referee soon after the skills in order to DQ a score… at least that is how it is with matches…

Per <G12>

I agree that having more than 4 balls in autonomous is grounds for a DQ. However, the judge would have had to rule it a DQ right then. A team can’t have it’s scores eliminated due to a video review later. That being said, it is actually hard to tell whether the robot actually has 5 balls or starts to shoot then picks up the fifth ball. I really don’t think the video is conclusive.

This has an official response now.
I still want to know why the entire competition was DQed though.

I’m very curious as to why this was ruled by karthik in this way. I’ve never seen a team DQed for intaking 5 balls and then immediately spitting one out, so it’s odd that karthik makes it sound as though it would cause a DQ in programming skills.

Well, in programming skills, everything extra scored is considered “match effecting” because it raised your score in the match. I do think that it should not be considered egregious if you do not fire the ball.

it seems we have a official answer here.
more than 4 balls intake in programming challenge
it is true a violation of <SG8>. Match affecting. And consequently a DQ if you are not lucky.

But only if they notice because all DQs must be ruled upon immediately at the end of the match.

Is that possible the referees watch the replay and give a DQ later?
Is there a specific rule saying that DQ must be issued immediately at the end of the match?

I can’t remember the rule off of the top of my head, but there is a rule saying that under no circumstance will referees review video replays.