Discussion of Ventilators, PPE, Face Shields, etc

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There have been a number of threads popping up lately with regards to building ventilators, face masks, etc., and we’d like to share what the moderators have come up with for guidelines as to what discussion is allowed on the site (for safety reasons, among others):

  • Discussion of the proper use of PPE is 100% okay.
  • Discussion of face shield development is 100% okay.
  • Discussion of uncertified face mask development is okay , as long as it is clear they are uncertified. The effectiveness of such masks is debated within the medical community.
  • Discussion of building homemade versions of more sophisticated equipment like ventilators is not allowed on safety grounds, with two exceptions:
    • Discussion of projects that are in or clearly nearing government review, such as AmboVent or MIT’s E-Vent
    • Sourcing requests for specific parts (e.g. “I need a power supply” or “I need a fab shop that can do X”, not “I want the parts to build a ventilator, where do I go?”)

Thank you for helping us keep the discussion of these very important initiatives in alignment with the above rules.


Thank you!

I encourage making of things will help quality of life for others - for example, mask straps that move elastic bands off the ears to the back of the head to make it more comfortable for those who have to wear masks all day - this is not limited to health care provides, but essential services, food services, mechanics etc… These projects are here and now that provide relief.

Wishing well to all.


On the topic of mask straps here is one that has undergone review by the National Institute for Health and is allowed in clinical settings. They use less than 5 grams of filament and can be printed in batches. I print them solid in ESUN PLA+ and they are still very flexible.


correct - that is the one I am printing in batches of 5. This is either for people facing professions - food service, grocery, health, etc… people who are exposed to the masses day in day out who wear masks for protection - this provides comfort as the straps reduce stress on ears.

Print 20 and give to different entities in your community… Simple, kind and effective to reduce load.


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