(Discussion) Rubber bands and how to use them effectively

So this year I’ve noticed that most teams are using a lot of rubber bands in their designs. This thread will be for discussing anything rubber band related. This includes but not limited to:

technical specifications
concepts / ideas
formulas / equations
past experiences
and anything else

Feel free to share whatever you know about rubber bands and ask questions.

NOTE: This is not a rules only discussion!

I used rubber bands to deploy wheelie bars, and it worked great (except for hanging)

Oldie but goodie. Look at the graphs:

Taken from here: https://vexforum.com/t/after-atonamous-mode/15575/1

Stretching the rubber band far gets you the best set of forces as when it gets too short, the force is gone. So longer stretch is better.

Last year our team 81M did a set of tests on the various brands of rubber bands. I will see if I can upload the work. Alliance latex free rubber bands were more consistent than any other brand. So Vex chose wisely with their rubber bands.

You can buy the orange Alliance rubber bands in larger quantities at Amazon too.

If you tie a mini prusik “slip knot” around a standoff it’ll prevent it from sliding.

A thread about uniform loading for rubber band lifts.