Disect the image of the V5 Clawbot

The V5 clawbot looks interesting, what new parts or features do you see.

The 2x2 C-channel could be useful.

The new claw looks nice, already set up for a 4 bar configuration.

What is that on the far side of the clawbot? A new gyro sensor?

The new sensor is a vision sensor. It’s similar to a camera but easier for the programmer to use data from I believe.

i think he meant this thing.

new radio?

thats what i was thinking, maybe a new version of vexnet

vision sensor coming with claw bot is actually sorta cool.

Usually I’m pretty fairly cynical when discussing vex hardware, but this so far has my pretty impressed.

Based on size, shape, and mounting, I’d guess it’s a gyro or similar sensor.

[edit: It’s probably the V5 radio; see clarifications others make below.]

It looks more like a vexnet to me

Unlikely to need that; pretty sure @Paul Copioli said the radio stuff was built in.

[edit: Radio is only built in to the controller; so V5 radio has to be somewhere; you’re likely correct.]

Radio built into V5 Wireless Controller - probably not V5 Brain as the trade in V5 system bundle include V5 Brain, V5 Wireless Controller, and V5 Robot Radio …
V5 Product

Thanks for pointing that out.

I think you’re right; wording in trade in bundle package implies radio is separate.

It is the radio for the v5 brain.

It looks to me like the button in IQ that turns on the brain. I hope not, though, that button is pretty much pointless…

Is it me or does the claw looked like it’s made out of Lego Technic pieces?

I don’t know, I just hope it’s actually viable for use unlike the last claw kit.

No reason to speculate, since @jpearman told us what it is. I think we should assume he’s had V5 gear for quite a while.

Is he an official guy? Sorry, I thought he was just speculating too.

Anyone else notice the red rubber bands on the claw?

He is an “official guy”.

Eh. If your brain is buried under a ton of metal, an on button that can be placed anywhere could be quite useful.