Disk intake mechanism issues

Unable to grip disc while picking up. Any solutions?

Grip doesn’t appear to be your issue, your floating bar isn’t braced, causing the axle to go at an angle when a disc is introduced. Place a c channel above the rubber band roller to brace it and test the new results. (Good notebook material)

Another solution I’ve seen most teams use is attaching the first roller on a screw joint so it can rotate. That way discs can enter in at a smoother angle and won’t get caught as easily.

Kind of surprised that no one noticed, but it looks like your chain is running on the same sprocket with the rubber bands. That defeats the purpose of having sprockets & chain and not just a pulley system. Have the chain and rubber bands on separate sprockets and it should work better.
Another thing I noticed is that the two sides of your floating intake are separately jointed. Try to make sure the two sides of the floating intake go up and down with each other.

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Apart from the issues already listed, it could be a compression issue. It looks like there are no rubber bands pulling the intake down, so the rubber band rollers can’t properly grip the disks and pull them up.

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