Disk Limit

The disk limit for how much robots can be carried in this years game should be increased to 4 or 5 to make gameplay more fun and robots more diverse in how to collect disks.

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How would that

20 char


If you think about it teams wouldn’t be going back to grab three more rings after disposing of the other three every few seconds, thus making the game slightly more enjoyable and less frustrating.

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“If you think about it” I did think about it
A robot that rapidly drives around the field, stores 30+ discs in a hopper and eating up many more, then hoarding them in the low goal makes it less fun for everyone involved.


it wouldn’t be increasing the limit to 30

just 4 or 5

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Although increasing the limit may lead to more ‘exciting’ matches because more shots are taken and inevitably made. Setting a limit at three not only prevents one alliance from controlling a large number rings and creates a much more challenging task for students while building and strategizing.


Having the limit be 3 per robot means that to shoot literally every single disc at 100% accuracy, there will need to be 20 rounds made by robots to line up and shoot. Just increasing the limit to 5 will make the amount of times that robots need to line up and shoot cut almost in half to 12 times. This is 3 times per robot. This game would be much less fun if all you did during the match is collect 5 rings (should take around 10 seconds for a robot later in the season), line up for the shot (could take up to 0 seconds if you have a turret but more realistically takes 2 seconds), and then shoot (which for 5 discs could take 7 seconds). Matches would be over in around 45 seconds, leaving around 45 seconds of just waiting for endgame. This game (TiP) was pretty boring during matches because they would end during auton, so the GDC learned from this and instead made matches where you actually had to do a lot of things during a match. Of course by the end of the season there will be matches where in the end there is no more discs available by the end, but it is much better than this year.


yep. it would get boring quick if you could scoop up a dozen discs, take aim, and unload all of them. a high possession limit doesnt reward teams for taking the time to create a system that is better for aiming.


I do think that the possession limit is a bit annoying but go look at how turning point worked with the low possession limit. Game play will in some degree but ofc different in some many ways. I have not played that game and only watched people play it, so anyone with more experience would like to comment on how they games might have similarities.

Keep in mind that whatever number this is applies to every robot and reduces the number of accessible rings by 4 times as much.
There are 60 rings, only 38 of which start on the field. Even assuming that all teams use all of their preloads, most matches will have 46 rings effectively in play. (There are match loads but I would make the assumption that they would only be used when fed directly into a robot and they likely wouldn’t stay on the field.)
Another place the rings will wind up is in the corners and edges of the field inaccessible. Look at how the tipping point rings behave during the match. In most matches in the game, the rings are quickly scattered. 46 rings with 5 held by each robot reduces the accessible rings on the field to 26. And then the rings scored in the high goal further reduce that number.
3 discs seems like the most balanced number to me. It allows for upper-tier robots to quickly score small batches of rings and prevents hoarding them which impacts everyone.

I disagree, the 3 disk limit makes the game more interactive. You drive more to race for disks, and you sit in the same place for shorter amounts of time while shooting, and matches will last longer before robots deplete the feild of its main scoring object. (Since there is 60 disks total, if all 4 robots could hold 5 disks it would take only 3 rounds of intaking 5 disks for those 4 robots to use up the supply, the main scoring object could be depleted by the 1 minute mark