Disparity Between Databases

I have a question in relation with the RobotEvents API and the VEX VIA (DWAB) database. From past projects, I’ve seen that Vex Via stores more match data than the information on RobotEvents. An example of this would be that the DWAB database in Tower Takeover had the amount of towers scores and how many colors of each cube were scored. I was then able to visualize this data like soimage
While this is all fine, the means of accessing this data was very roundabout and kind of tedious. I wanted to know if the RobotEvents API will have detailed match data for Change Up and games in the future such as

  • Amount of Red and Blue Balls Scored
  • Amount of Goals Owned per Alliance

To me at least, I don’t see why one database has this information whereas the easily accessible database doesn’t. This more detailed breakdown of match scores can lead to better representations of match scores and potentially even better forms of scouting. I know of a couple teams that used this information in their elo calculations for scouting purposes. Adding this information to the RobotEvents API as well as being more open with match & team data in general will be a great addition to the community in my opinion.


Kind of forgot to tag someone so @Dave_Flowerday . If anyone knows any other accounts that could be helpful in getting this clarified/implemented please feel free to mention them down below.

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DWAB does not have control of RobotEvents, and their job is simply to build products (mainly Tournament Manager, VEX Via, VRC Hub, VIQC Hub) to the specifications of RECF.

Your best chance at getting a change implemented in RobotEvents is probably to have your RSM send a message up the chain.


Unless the data was recorded but not displayed, it was lost.