Display Amount of PSI on an LCD Display? Possible?

Hello guys who find this! I want to ask a question. You know how LCD displays can show how much energy the battery has. Well is there any way to make it show the amount of psi in an air tank? Is the method expandable to see the combined psi of two air tanks? Thanks in advanced! -7035 S Team!

No, there are no sensors that can read the air pressure. The only way to know the pressure is by hooking up an external gauge to take a reading.

You could use a 3rd party pressure gauge and find a way to hook it up to the cortex, but this would not be competition legal.

Vex does not have a sensor that lets you read the pressure of tanks
In VEXU you can use basic analog pressure sensors easily

You could derive an equation to estimate the PSI based on the number of actuations since the robot was turned on and the setting of your pressure regulator, then just have a variable somewhere that stores the total number of actuations. Shouldn’t be too difficult to do, just record the PSI at various numbers of actuations, and plug that data into a regression calculator. From there you could tweak the equation as needed.

Of course it wouldn’t be practical, but I guess you could build some kind of system that uses a piston with a force applied to it via an elastic. The deflection of the piston could be sensed by a lever or rack+pinion system using a pot or encoder, and you would need to calibrate the contraption.

Thank you so much for recommending the equation idea really do aprpreciate it