Display Commands

I noticed how there is a tab on the left under the competition template that includes Display commands. I was wondering how these are used, and if we can use this to display to a terminal while we are operating the robot? Is there any way to display to a terminal, similar to printf?

Documentation on the commands can be found in ROBOTC by going to Help > Open Help. Then going to ROBOTC Functions > Display.

These commands will appear on the VEX LCD Screen, if you have it attached to your robot. If you don’t have a physical one, we also have the device emulated in ROBOTC. After downloading a program and opening the Program Debug window, go to Robot > Debugger Windows > VEX Remote Screen.

Also in ROBOTC, if you open the help and go to ROBOTC Functions > Debug, you’ll find commands that let you output data to the “Debug Stream”, much like the printf commands in C.

You can also see the information here: http://www.robotc.net/support/vex/WebHelpCortex/

In ROBOTC, if you go to File > Open Sample Program > Advanced, you’ll also find a sample program called “Debug Stream Demo”.

When I look in Robot->Debugger Windows, I do not see a “Debug Steam” option as shown online. Is this because we are only using the trial version of ROBOTC?

Also, is there a way to display to this Debug Stream live on the PC while running the robot with the joystick? We want to be able to display things and see them changing as we are moving the robot around. If not, is there a way to simulate a joystick on the PC, and then essentially control the robot with the PC “joystick” while also displaying the debug stream onto the PC?

The reason you’re not seeing it is probably because you’re in “Basic” mode. Go to Window > Menu Level and select Expert or Super User to show more available options, including the Debug Stream.

Yes, you absolutely can use the Debug Stream while driving the robot via the joysticks. For this to work, you must have the joysticks connected to the computer via the USB-to-Serial Programming cable, and the joysticks and Cortex synced over VEXnet.

ROBOTC allows you to program and use the debugger wirelessly. Just compile and download your desired program over VEXnet, and you can use the Debug Stream as if the Cortex was connected directly.