Display of our CAD works

We spend a lot of time preparing for CAD online challenge this year. Though our two works didn’t show up on the finalists , we still want to recommend them. In order to improve next year, it will be really helpful if we can get your feedback.

Our first work is V5 motor holder which can help fix V5 motors on other parts way easier.

The other one is called Tactical Track which enables you to adjust the position of your parts by moving and fixing them on the track so that times of rebuilding can be avoided.

We would really appreciate it if you can click into the links for detail and leave your feedback below.


Honestly I don’t see what could have been improved about them. They were both very good entries which followed the judging criteria well!:smiley:

The entries selected as finalists were odd to me. This is no exception as I would have thought entries like these would be finalists. Ah, well. :man_shrugging:

These are great ideas. Nice job, guys! You should’ve been a finalist.