Displaying picture on V5 display

so I’m having trouble coding a picture to be displayed on the V5 screen. This is the code I used (I have no idea how to use this particular piece of code, so there’s probably some silly mistake):
vex::brain::lcd::drawImageFromFile(pic.png, 120, 0);

The reason I want it to start 120 pixels from the left is because it’s a square image.

Thanks in advance

pic.png is not a filename. "pic.png" would be. The "s tell the compiler that the stuff inside of them is a string. Otherwise it will think you are referring to a member png of the object pic.

To boot, drawImageFromFile is not a static method, so you have to call it on a vex::brain::lcd object. Luckily for you, there is one of these created with every vex::brain object. Also, your code template should have come with a vex::brain having already been set up for you. (If you’re using Robot Mesh Studio, that vex::brain is named Brain.) It has a vex::brain::lcd member that goes by the name Screen. So putting this all together, you would for Brain’s Screen’s drawImageFromFile method by stringing them together: Brain.Screen.drawImageFromFile(...)

After all that, just make sure that you have an SD card plugged into the brain with a "pic.png" on it.


Of course! I totally forgot about the "s. I would have probably tried for hours until I realized that it should be Screen instead of lcd.

Thank you so much for your help!

So I’m using vex code and I used this line of code vex::brain::lcd::drawImageFromFile("image.png", 0, 0) and I get an error. what could that be?

you need to use the line that John_TYler suggested: Brain.Screen.drawImageFromFile("image.png", 0, 0);

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