Displaying Sensor Values on LCD's

How does one program a LCD to show the Sensor value of let’s say a potentiometer. (Sorry if misspelled)

I usually put the sensor value into a string and then display that. The following example reads a sensor port and displays the raw value on the first line of the LCD and a converted value on the second line.

The comments may help you understand what’s going on. The comments are, of course, non-functional.

// declare some string variables to hold the formatted information
    string outLine1 // this will hold what we want on the first line of LCD
    string outLine2; // this will hold what we want on second line of LCD
    int mySensorValue;
    // expanderPort is configured as an analog sensor in Motors and Sensor setup
    // we plugged an extension cable between the power expander status port and the analog port
    // read the value
    mySensorValue = SensorValue[expanderPort]; 
    // format the value into a string
    sprintf(outLine1,"sensor is: %d",mySensorValue);

    // turn the integer value from sensor port into a floating point value
    // representing volts of the battery plugged into the power expander.
    // Then, format the information for printing. The "%f" in the format
    // string will be replaced by the floating point number calculated by the
    // division.
    sprintf(outLine2," %f Volts",(float)mySensorValue/270.0);


For your purposes, you could either define the analog port as a potentiometer or just set it to “analog”. It won’t change how you use the port.