Dissipating static - legal?

I have been reading on the FB coaches forums and other places that people are stripping a VEX wire and attaching it to the frame then letting it drag the floor to dissipate or neutralize the potential difference in the robot and floor. Big question… is this legal? I am seeing lots of pics of robots doing it, but R16 a. might be a problem. If you take a 9V harness, strip one end and drag… Thoughts?

You can also make a short chain with axle bar locks and drag that from the frame.

Seems clear to me that “stripping a VEX wire” for the purpose you described would be a violation of <R16>, and as such, I would probably fail a robot at inspection that did this unless there was a ruling on the Q&A that said otherwise.

This seems like a better bet to me, since it would (presumably) achieve the same functionality without the possibility of violating <R16>.

Well to follow up… I saw three teams at a tournament this weekend doing it. I agree that it is most likely illegal. We just need clarification from the officials, but they are not answering in a timely manner on most things these days.

I asked about this exact technique a couple of years ago, and it was deemed illegal. You can find the thread here: https://vexforum.com/t/answered-legality-of-robot-grounding-wire/39577/1

Do you mean just like screw together some small metal bar and drag it? Will grounding a robot work in this way?

Judging from that answer would using a stripped v5 cable be allowed?

Stripping a V5 Cable is part of the legal process to make a longer cable. I think that you just happened to *not finish * the making of a smart cable.

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This is interesting.

Can some someone ask this on the official Q&A please

Can dragging anything conductive around on the Vex mats discharge the robot? I can see how it would work if the Vex mats were electrically conductive and they were connected to ground, but since they are not conductive, how is this supposed to work?

my thoughts exactly. I wouldn’t be surprised if dragging conductive things along the mat actually built up static charge

These are good concerns, does anyone have any data for or experience with grounding the robot on the field? Is touching the robot and the field edge before the match starts a good way to discharge static?

Would it be legal to spray parts of your robot that do not contact game object/the field with antistatic spray? Would this be effective?

Read this
VRC Team ESD Notice point #2

This was covered in a Q&A this season.