Distance between bars on a bar lift

This should be a simple question but I couldn’t find a solid answer after searching the forums.

If you’re looking at one side of a bar lift system (DR4B for example) does the distance between the two bars on one stage of the lift make a difference in it’s stability? I’m talking about distance in the y axis.

Interesting topic. Intuitively, I want to say that more distance equals more stability, but thats just my gut reaction, I have no real explanation why this is so. I think things like cross bracing and good joints are much more impactful.

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I’ve built quite a few DR4Bs before in many different configurations and have never really noticed a difference in stability correlating with distance between arms.

Kinda the rule of thumb is that if it’s closer together (like 1 segment) then you can get a touch more height, but you loose some strength but more importantly you loose stability

My recommendation is about 2 segments worth of holes apart.