Distance Sensing Turret

We used a detachable crossbow and pit it on a rotating turret that shoots if it sees an object within a meter. We used a distance sensor to detect objects within a meter, a motor to turn the turret, and a motor to pull the trigger. We also used a flexible PVC strip for the actual bow, and normal string for the bowstring. We had to use gear ratios to add more torque to the motor to pull the trigger.





Video of the distance sensing turret

The turret turns around until we put our foot within a meter, causing it to fire. We have the distance sensor fall off to keep it from falling apart.

Ahaha, this is great! I can’t catch-up my daughter using simple wheel-based platform (its too slow), but this is definitely a step forward :). It need to be reimplemented to fire small plastic balls from VEX IQ, and with auto-recharging :mad:.