Divided Alliances

I was curious on what other teams thought about where robots would end up towards the end of season. Would they be able to do everything or just specialize in one area? So would there be an alliance of a shooter and a lift rather than two robots that can do both?

Just like in every year at worlds, most high caliber teams can do everything but for early season, I can see teams specialize in shooting or caps.

This game has enough complexity that one could argue that specialization may play a factor in the later season

Specialized robots will get demolished in quals and skills.

Although an alliance of specialized robots would probably work the best, it is unlikely that a specialized robot would be a high alliance captain as they would have a hard time in qualification matches, so I doubt an alliance of two specialized robots would be possible at worlds

Specialized robots gets relegated to pick, not picking status.

If you look at the most successful bots from almost every season, they can do everything, In NBN, the successful ones could do match loads, lift, and bar shots. It just makes sense since if you are in a match with a team who only specializes in one area, youd be forced to focus on the other so you arent left unable to accomplish certain tasks,

Back in Skyrise, cubebots struggled in quals, but some were successful in eliminations. 2915A and 62, arguably the best high school robots, were as good as cubebots though while still being able to do Skyrise sections. Maybe this was because the mechanisms to manipulate cubes and ones to manipulate Skyrise sections had a lot in common (like RD4B to raise and lower the game pieces). The tasks this year seem to require way different mechanisms. Their point values are about equal, so they’re equally important. Unless you specialize in one and play hard defense. That might work.