Dividing Up Teams

I’m wondering how you all divide up teams when you have multiple robots’ worth of roboticists. We’ve got huge sign-ups this year, and I’m expecting to break down to 2 or 3 teams at least. I’ve seen a few discussions, but it seems like most teams do it by some combination of seniority/experience or letting students self-select. How do you structure multiple teams in the same program? Thanks!

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We try to limit teams to 4 or 5 students. Then it’s a matter of mixing based on experience, personalities and what the students are most interested in. We don’t want 4 drivers who have no interest in building or programming on the same team.


Our mentors pick two team captains per team, and the captains from each team pick from everyone else. Having the team captains pick allows for them to take team composition into account, as well as picking people who they think would work well together.

Before teams are picked, we do a round of interviews, in which team captains get to interview prospective team members, as well as a personality test and a manual dexterity text. We also have a “homework” for everyone to complete, which goes over most rules, as well as prices for parts. I made the homework this year, PM if interested.


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