Division list for Worlds 2012

I was simply wondering when we will be givin the division list for the World Championship 2012?
My teams started thinking about how difficult their bracket is going to be.:slight_smile:

Monday, April 16th, at 12:00pm EDT.


Will they be posted on the robotevents site?

Actually, they have already posted the divisions on the robotevents website. Look in the live streams tab. HS has 4 divisions again and MS has 2.

You mean they have posted the division names and feeds but not team lists, right? because all I’m seeing is the name of a division then a large black box which says beneath it “off air”

Yes, only the names and amounts, to my knowledge they haven’t posted the team lists yet. Sorry.

Agggh you had gotten my hopes up … thats OK though

I believe team lists for divisions will be released Monday, in the mean time I’d suggest downloading the app if your phone supports it.

VEX Via doesn’t have the division lists yet though.

Can anybody provide the link of the divisions list? Im pretty sure they should’ve been posted at 12:00pm today, on the dot.

Agreed. would love a link.

Agreed we 2 would like a link

Spiffing Tall668 EBS

came to library during lunch to check who was in my division and its not up yet
plzz if someone finds it hiding somewere post link

Guys, do keep in mind that VEX has a lot of other things to do. Without the match schedules (which won’t be released until at worlds) we can’t do much. It doesn’t really matter. That said, I want the lists too :smiley:

we can get our scouting sheets ready and start talking to people…

Here is the link that the original Q&A response says to go to, but the divisions are not yet posted…:(:(:frowning:


It’s now almost 4:00 PM EDT and the lists are not up yet. I want to know who we’re with!! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know where they will be posted whenever they are (will there be a separate tab, wil they re-write the team list …)?

Why would they specifically state that they would release the divisions at 12pm if they weren’t actually gonna stick to that timeframe. They could’ve just specified monday. :confused::confused::confused::confused:

why has no one from vex commented on this thread to tell us the new release time.