Division list

Does anyone know where and when the official division lists for high school will be posted?

Should be tomorrow.

today, on vex via probably

Today it was confirmed here(url link)

This was a disappointing forum, I thought it was the list of divisions.

I would not consider this to be “confirmation” of the information coming out today. That post specifically mentioned the venue map (which was released), the number of divisions (which was released), and the team names and numbers (which we have known for a while). It doesn’t specifically say that the teams in each division will be released. In addition, i have seen several instances where a person asks multiple questions in an official Q&A here and the response only addresses one of the questions.

It is still possible, but i would not consider this to be confirmation.

They are indeed released. Just go to the Robotevents page for worlds and scroll down on the first page.