Division Lists

I know there is theoretical lists onbtge forum but when will the OFFICIAL Division List Be released?

In past years REC usually releases them a week before world’s.

And… until REC finalizes the list we can use this:


Thank You will do.

It says on the team FAQ that they will be released wednesday the 19.

Isn’t the R division Research?

Yes. I don’t know how they’ll differentiate between the vex u division though.

It’s just been confirmed that VEX U is Design and Innovate this year.

This is the latest date I assume. Last year they were released a few days early. But for the most part we will know as soon as the last team signs up.

And be prepared for last-second changes. RECF works very hard to get the lists done, but Weird Stuff Happens, and they sometimes have to make changes.

Where will the divisions be published once they’re released?

On the Robotevents.com main page, there is usually a link to the Division Lists. If I remember correctly.

@536Mentor Cool thanks!