Divisions are up! :)

Worlds divisions are posted!



I am in Engineering, looking forward to some good competition with 127A Lemon Bots, 341 Iron Eagles, 1138 Eagle Engineering, 2587 DiscoBots - Alpha, 2158W ausTIN CANs, and all of the other great teams in the world!

Engineering has teams from the US, Canada, Egypt, New Zealand, Bahrain, Columbia, The United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Lebanon, Guam, and South Korea.
13 separate countries!

I also looked at the art division and saw 26 and 62. This could be a very powerful alliance, maybe art will win worlds.

Wow, that’s a surprise, normally these are not out until the day before.

So how close were they to the predictions?

I checked several in every division, and nothing varied on the 5-10 teams I checked in each (first 3, a couple in the middle, last 2-3).

There were an additional 2 teams in S,T,E,and A that were not on the predictions at all, and 3 on M, however, these teams had the highest numbers and did not effect the divisions at all except for size

Sorry, but I can’t seem to find a list of the divisions… Help? :slight_smile:

Edit: Never mind, just found them lol.

Has anyone put all these teams into a google doc spreadsheet ?

Personally, I would think 62 would be more likely to go after a team geared towards cubes with a high scoring post autonomous. From what I’ve seen from reveals, 10Q and 62 seems like a pairing that would be incredibly difficult to beat. They would have a combined autonomous score of 44, which would probably win them every autonomous bonus. While a team like 26 is also extremely strong, their robot is oriented towards skyrise and cubes, like 62. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens though.

I tried, but the delimiting wasn’t working because of how VEX did it. However, the divisions are the same as the theoretical list, but with a couple additions. I will try to add those later.

I finished a spreadsheet derived from the theoretical list. The divisions are correct to the best of my knowledge, but please let me know if you see a discrepancy, missing team, etc.

They’re on VEX Via as well.

There is also a division called Finals, which appears to be the 5 alliances from the round robin last year. What is happening with them, are they competing in one of the other divisions as well?

I believe the discrepancies are because the theoretical divisions have not been updated for a few days.

I whipped this up awhile back, and just finished updating it for the actual division lists.

yesss! i’m going in with a cube-focused robot in the science division, which means worlds will be rife with alliance picks

I only see last year’s worlds on VEX Via, not this year’s. Is that what you’re looking at thinking it’s this year?

I looked again, and it is last year’s worlds I saw, oops. I wasn’t expecting last year’s event to be in the list (why is it?) and didn’t notice the date.