Divisions for 2019 Worlds

So, for being my first year in the Vex Robotics Competition, I know very little about worlds yet my team has made it there. So I have 2 questions

  1. When do the division lists come out, I want to know who we’re up against and where we go?
  2. Can I buy apparel at worlds, or do I need to buy this online?

I am a noob, so my questions may seem stupid. I apologize for any information having to be repeated.


Division lists typically come out about 2 weeks before Worlds, though there are live previews available. You can also buy apparel there without a problem. The lines sometimes get long though, so it may be better to pre-order.


They’re nice to see early, but the final version may not come out until just before Worlds. Don’t obsess, it’s nothing you can do anything about anyway.


There was a similar post to this a little bit ago, there’s a predicted list going around which I shared links to in that thread. So check it out there if you want.

Regarding apparel, in my previous trips to worlds they have a kinda neat like hoodie and shirt creator there where you can pick the design for your shirt or whatever you want with like maybe team number or vex logos or whatever it may be. It can get a little pricey though. They should still be doing it. I have no idea about online ordering.