Divisions Lists for Worlds 2022

I was just wondering where to find the divisions lists for VRC MS and VRC HS. i know it was released 2 days ago, I just have been unable to find it. Thanks!

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2 days ago was the registration deadline, no division lists yet AFAIK.

They will likely be out sometime this week or next.


Here is the ms live predictions.


What are the predictions based on?


Seriously, they split teams from organizations to different divisions, and usually go up the list by team number.

There are some exceptions and pit adjustment - you can have an elementary IQ team from a school at the opposite end of the aisle from the sister teams.

As always, take predictions and experience with a grain of salt - all will be revealed soon enough!



Lol… I can’t help but to remember this…

“Patience you must have my young Padawan.” — Yoda


btw does anybody have a divisions predictions sheet running for vex iq? Middle school preferably. All the ones I have seen are about VRC

The bigger question is whether they will release team’s match lists prior to Worlds like they have in previous years. I wonder if the new online check-in means they will wait until the day before to release them. What do you guys think?

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