If a team from the Science Division wants to ally with a team from the Technology Division in the playoffs, is it legal?

Are we restricted to selecting teams from only our division?

Are teams that came in groups (123a, 123b, 123c) going to be split?

You can only chose from your own divisons so science can chosse someone in science only technology can choose someone in technolgy only

And, yes, teams with sequential numbers will not be allied in the finals between the two divisions.

does anyone else find this disheartening?

Not at all. I think it’s exciting that all five of our teams can face each other in the finals!

I think it helps schools/clubs that couldn’t bring more than one team and somewhat evens out the playing field as far as people teaming up because they practice together a lot. I think adaption is good.

I didn’t think of it that way before…

Very nice!

That is why scouting will be very important this year in Dallas. Teams will need to know who they will want to play with during the elimination rounds.