My team and I are curious as to when VEX will be releasing the team list of the division?

As far as I know, we won’t find out until worlds. Kinda stinks, tho



Any news on those division?

There’s really no need to keep asking this question. When the divisions are released I’m certain there will be a post on this forum announcing them.

Okay I am not asking when these will be released but I am wonder how accurate the team list for the divisions is that is on the iPhone/iPod app?


The divisions have not been released.

Very cool, thanks Dave and team for coming up with that!

And I’ll second the Rick TYler request for calm. They won’t have the divisions until the teams check in and things are ready to go. Remember that last event you went to? How that team didn’t show and they had to reprint the match lists in the morning?

Same thing here, planes are late/cancled, shipments get lost, natural disasters happen.

If you really need to practice your scouting skills then pretend you are in the same group as the Poofs, Green Eggs, SPARKS, Cranbrook, Acme, The Jones and the bots from NZ along with those teams from the US Northwest. That should give you more than enough to worry about. :rolleyes: