Diy Battery holders Help!

Because my team doesnt have any more battery clips, what do you guys use to hold your batteries down?

You can use Velcro if you don’t want to use any metal or plastic.

Velcro, zip tie, some of your unlimited 1/8" nylon rope, you could use anything

Yeah, i understand but thoes things all give the battery a little wiggle, and then it comes undone from the cortex, resetting it. So somthing really solid would be great its my fault for not clarifying that before

Maybe you can try a combination of Velcro (which makes the battery removal easy) and small standoffs on the sides holding the battery to avoid the wiggle.

Id rather not put velcro on the battieres, as we have 4 teams, however i am open to using metal to hold ot in.

Zip ties will definitely hold it solid, but you’d have to cut them every time. Or use a small standoff as a clip on either side of battery to hold taught rubber bands that can easily be removed.

When our team had this problem, we just wrapped the part that was moving in electrical tape, and it solved the problem.

One design that I like is that our teams make a battery well with c-channel. It’s easy to charge or replace and the battery is held in place with a rubber band across the top.

Put some rubber bands around a c-channel. If you don’t feel like taking your robot apart, just ziptie some on.

If you don’t care about replacing the holder every time you change the battery, you could just straight up ziptie it on.

This. Back before the battery clips, rubber bands were the gold standard.

Thanks for all the ideas guys

I would also recommend using the battery extension cables. Leave it plugged into the Cortex at all times, then only plug and unplug the battery from the extension and not the Cortex. Saves the battery connector on the Cortex. Much cheaper to replace the extension cable than the Cotrex!!!