DIY Ideas for a raised field for the new 6’x8’ fields?

Just starting to think about needing to make some new platforms. Requirements are I have to be able to get the materials at Home Depot and only requires intermediate carpentry skills. Oh and it’s for a parochial school, so inexpensive . :wink:

Thoughts so far are: a trestle table concept or using black iron flanges and threaded pipe for legs

I like the idea of the bigger field but now it’s bigger than a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood.


Unfortunately, even the current field is bigger than a 4 by 8 sheet of plywood. I will have to build new field risers for our Monroe County Fair tournament in August, and when I finally figure it out, I’ll publish plans to the vex World coaches Facebook page. There will probably be two versions, one made from 80/20 t slot, and the other, a compact foldable version, from all plywood


True. We used foldable/hideaway twin bed frames and 4x8 sheets for our current field platform. I did separate the sheets into 2’x4’ pieces to move them out and support the edges of the field, but the gap was small enough that I wasn’t concerned about sagging. I don’t think that will work for the new field :frowning:

I had to google 80/20 t slot. Very interesting option. I may have to experiment with something new

And to here also please!


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Sorry, I misread the post.

I don’t think anybody here is typing about making a homemade field, but rather a raised platform on which to put the official VIQC field.

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To clarify, I’m looking for ideas to support practice field(s) for our school program. Something to go under the actual field in the upcoming dimensions, elevating it and minimizing/eliminating any sag.

What I have been using so far is a 4’ by 8’ with the orange home depot buckets underneath. I think getting a 2’ by 8’ and 4 more buckets should do the trick.

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That would make storage and transport, if we ever had to, easy. How many buckets are your currently using?

I misread… I will delete my comment.


Currently I am using 8 and they are staggered for one bucket per 4 tiles.

I’ve also done the bucket trick, but it ends up being expensive. But the nested buckets store really well, and then you need to deal with the plywood sheet.

I’ve used shelves similar to these ( where you make a platform out of a shelf and 4 legs. Arrange as needed to support the field (no plywood needed) and ziptie the legs together. Three sets of shelves will do 2 fields.

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How was it expensive for you? I got everything in total for about 40 bux.

I use an extra row of buckets, so I’m at 12 and a sheet of plywood. Are you just putting the tiles on the bucket?

No, I got a sheet of plywood. If I remember correctly, the buckets cost about 20 dollars for 8 and 20 dollars for the plywood.

Here is what I got as far as I remember. Turns out the buckets were more and the wood was cheaper.

I was using 10 gallon buckets to get them to be closer to 20 inches, the 5 gallon buckets are only 15" tall. I think it was either Grainger or Tractor Supply and they were $11 each. So a bigger price difference

Any ideas for a Murphy bed type design so we can store the field upright? And on lockable wheels? We have 2nd and 3rd graders and I’m not sure how they will be moving this new board. Taking it apart and putting it back together each practice will take too much time and the field pieces can’t withstand that much stress on the connecting joints.

I can design one and add it to the elevated field risers plans I posted earlier. Won’t be cheap… expect around $800.


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