DIY Platform

I’m building a DIY Tipping Point platform. Can someone tell me how thick the platform’s polycarb ramp is?

It’s probably in here:


The appendix doesn’t actually explicitly say, but from what I can tell it’s certainly less than .1 inches. My exact guess would be 1/16 of an inch (0.0625”), as it’s thinner than the wall lexan, but thicker than our 1/32” sheet. 1/16” also becomes my best guess because it’s the only remaining size they sell after 1/32 and the wall lexan.


1/16" is also a good guess as it’s the thickest common size that’s still thin enough to be legal on VRC robots – usually the sheet plastics are specced so that teams can reuse them as custom robot parts in future seasons.

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Great! Thanks, I’ll go with 1/16".

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It’s almost definitely 1/16". Vex almost always uses legal Lexan (< 0.07) so that teams can reuse the lexan for their bots next year. I can measure it on tuesday if there is no one to verify it by then.

You can also measure it in cad with the onshape link in this post:

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I just measured it with calipers. It is exactly 0.056"