DIY VEX Competition Switch Woring Help


My VEX team has decided to make our own competition switch as per this schematic. A quick question about the type of switch used…

We are planning on using normal slide-switches for this project but we were unsure as to how to wire the 3-pin switch.

Or would we need to use this type of switch instead???

Also…Is the part labelled “J1” a standard ethernet port?

Thanks for the help

VEXnet Comp Sw Diagram.pdf (13.5 KB)

Yes you can use a slide switch, but you must use 2 switches. One switch to control the Driver/Auton~ Mode and the other switch to control the Enable/Disable~ Mode. Normally the center pin on the slide switch will always be connected to either one of the outside pins. Which outside pin the center pin is connected too is determined by the position of the Switch. Therefore you will only use 2 pins on the slide switch for controlling each Mode.

As an example to Control the Driver/Auton~ Mode, connect the center pin on a slide switch to pin 2 on connector J1. Next connect one of the outside pins on the slide switch to either pin 1, 4, or 7 on connector J1. This completes the Driver/Auton~ Mode connections.

Yes, J1 is a standard Ethernet port or connector

Let us know if you have any further questions.