DIY - VEXnet Competition switch help


My VEX team has decided to make our own competition switch as per this schematic. A quick question about the type of switch used…

We are planning on using normal slide-switches for this project but we were unsure as to how to wire the 3-pin switch.

Or would we need to use this type of switch instead???

Also…Is the part labelled “J1” a standard ethernet port?

Thanks for the help


You can use both switches, the difference is that the one with 3 pins has one common input and two outputs, one that is normally closed and the other that is normally opened.

In the first figure you can see a 2 pin switch and on the rightmost a 3 pin switch.

Then you connect the switch to the RJ45 (J1 element on the schematic) connector that will go to the vex joystick.

Also you can check the way Soapy29 made his competition control on this post

Thanks I will try that

Hi again, just wondering what I do with the ground wires. Do I join them all together?

Yes you join them all together.