DJ Scarf at Worlds

For those of you who have been wondering, I can confirm that the rumors are true… DJ Scarf WILL BE at Worlds.

You better believe its gonna be lit…Dank Beats Reveal


I had the rare opportunity to see djscarf. She opened for Deadmau5. Pretty epic.

I saw her in Vegas once… It was dank

dankest robotics dj

Some say she is terrified of ducks and that there is an airport in Russia named after her, all we know is she is called DJ Scarf!

Ducks are actually quite frightening

Some say she takes her shoes off with an allen key, all we know is she is called DJ Scarf.

I’ve personally been told that she eats breakfast with C-channel in stead of a spoon, but all we know is she is called DJ Scarf.

8-Bit Dank Beats Reveal
For those of you who wanted more, I worked day and night on these beats for you diehard DJ Scarf fans

In the entire universe as we know it there’s only one possible response:
Tribute to DJ scarf

@_7862 I am truly honoured by this… Thank you