Dlfcn.h for VexOS

VexOS seems to be RTEMS based. As such, it doesn’t seem to include dlfcn.h. What sort of information about the OS would I need to implement such functionality and where could I find it? The documentation about VexOS, in general, doesn’t appear to contain such information.

Unfortunately it’s against the VRC rules to modify VexOS or create custom firmware builds.

You probably can’t get the exact functionality of dlfcn.h, but you might be able to make something similar using pointers to functions. See this StackOverflow thread for more information.

What do you need dynamic linking for? Are you trying to do some sort of crude hot/cold linking? Note that VexOS doesn’t let you add additional files to an already-uploaded program (all uploads overwrite the slot, instead of appending), so I’m not sure what use dynamic linking would be.

Perhaps PROS is better suited for this task. Porting Swift stdlib and runtime to VexV5, which appears to require dynamic linking. I’ll look into re-implementing using that StackOverflow thread, thanks for the information!