Do DR4B's Need Counterweights?

I’m just wondering if you need a counterweight for a DR4B bc when it is open it is very weighty in the front.

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Use antitip fold outs. Counterweights just put more stress on motors and make guy move slower. You should be able to find some antitip designs both here on the forums and on YouTube by searching up antitips and Vex antitips respectively.


First of all, I don’t know what anti tips are. Second of all, YouTube is blocked.

What? Why? Are you in china or something?
Secondly, a antitip it something that usually goes in the back of the robot that prevents tipping to happenIMG_20191123_173257


Won’t that make it out of spec? Also I use a school computer so yeah…

How do you add wheels to the top? And what does that mean?

This is an example of wheels on top:

As you can see, their wheels are on the middle section of the DR4B, so that when they tip, they can still drive and right themselves.

However, I would recommend building antitips, which expand out at the beginning of the match to stop the robot from tipping over.


I agree with @2775Josh, as in this competition, if you fall back onto the secondary wheels, then many of the cubes in your tray/claw are likely to fall out, which would be hard to recover from later. Try to make anti tips, and let us know what happens!


I’m having trouble thinking about how the anti tips would fold out. I know you would use rubber bands, but what makes the anti tips not fold out before the match starts?

usually they either have just the right amount of bands that any slight motion would trigger them, or you have a bunch of rubber bands, and some sort of pin release.

I’m not sure we will finish the anti tips before our next competition though…it’s in 3 days. Will just adding random C-Channels be faster?

I fail to see what you could possibly gain by doing this. please elaborate?

As counterweights in the back?

Eh, c channels don’t make good counterweights. Try stacking steel plates

Yeah uh C-Channels just came to mind first.

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We do have our brain in the back so that should help a little.

In general people try to avoid counterweights as much as possible since they increase the weight of the robot and therefore make them slower, which is why most designs rely on counterweights since they’re much lighter than intentionally adding weight.

However, if you really have to, adding more weight in the back would work as long as you don’t stall your motors.

I think u mean anti tips, not counter weights.

If ur comp is in three days, use some steel (preferably hs shafts but any steel works well). After the comp, work on making some antitips

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I mean, we don’t have any red cartridges left…

Our comp is 1/16 but no time to work during break