Do elevating points carry over from autonomous?- Unofficial Reply

"Do elevating points carry over from autonomous?

  • A Robot that is Low Elevated is worth twenty-five (25) points for its Alliance.
  • A Robot that is High Elevated is worth fifty (50) points for its Alliance.
  • At the end of the Autonomous Period the Alliance with the most points receives a ten (10) point bonus.

<G10> Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match after all objects and Robots on the field come to rest.

Do Low/High “Elevating” points, if scored during autonomous, carry over to the end of the match when points are calculated? or do alliances need to elevate again at the end of the match for the (25) or (50) points to be calculated into their final score?"

Judging from the way bonuses like this in previous years have worked, an elevation bonus during autonomous that is not maintained until the end of the match does not count towards the final match score. My guess is that Karthik will say something similar.

As Karthik would say “Please look for the answer in the Q&A!” This is why the Q&A fills up with so many redundant questions which makes it very difficult to filter through them at the end of the season. There are only 15 Q&A’s so far…not too hard to read through them to make sure your question hasn’t been answered already. (…steps down from soapbox) This has already been answered here:

Karthik said:

In other words, the elevation bonus would apply to grant you the autonomous bonus, but that’s it…you do not get those 25/50 points added to your score at the end of the match (unless you are elevated again of course. Final points are not tallied until the end of the match.

Edit: I know that mathman didn’t ask this question…he was just responding to an official questions…my message is more toward the original poster.

Thanks both for the input!
Regarding the other Q&A quote, I didn’t feel comfortable reading that much into his response. If I did I would also read into it that you can elevate during autonomous to the exclusion of being able to elevate at end of match. (End of a autonomous OR end of match.)

Also, Karthic said

If I am taking things word for word as gospel I would assume from this quote that IF you CAN elevate during both end of autonomous (for auton bonus) AND end of match (for total points), only one of your alliance robots can be the elevated robot during a single match (no switching).

I’m sure it’s all clear cut and simple (and I’m sure you are correct), but I wouldn’t mind hearing it from the horses mouth so I can be absolutely confident in the info I pass on to others.

I can understand wanting to be absolutely certain. Sometimes it’s hard to know all the implications of certain rulings. Personally, in this case I think it is clear.

Regarding the different robots being elevated during auton and end of match. It does not say anywhere that it must be the same robot. It only says 1 robot. That is an important distinction. Karthik did clearly state in another Q&A that the intent of that rule was to simply say that you cannot double elevate (both robots) at the same time.

However, I understand that you may not want to trust my opinion and would want further clarification from Karthik. I was just trying to make a cautionary point that we ought to be careful about asking questions that have been answered.

I think it is also important to read the question as well as the answer. If you read the question, you get the context of the answer and it becomes even more clear that the elevation points from auton only help in getting the bonus and you do not at the 25 or 50 points at the end and you can win autonomous with elevating and then either continue to elevate or elevate again at the end and get the 25-50 point bonus at the end of the match.

So if you high elevate a robot in autonomous and win the bonus, and keep that bot elevated to the end of the match without scoring any other points, you would get a total of 60 points.

Based on this alone, I am guessing we will see lots of very high scores this year.