Do Gateway balls bounce well?

What is the rebound height of a Gateway ball dropped from 36" high onto Vexfoam flooring?

Very, very low. I haven’t tried it, but probably a couple of inches.

I just did a few tests using the gateway ball we got in our welcome kit. I dropped the ball onto vex foam tiles. The average bounce height of the ball was about 13". Much more significant than I would have thought.

Empirical testing is good! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I should have asked this instead, to avoid future modeling errors:

From how high do you have to drop the ball,
in order for the bounce to be higher than 20"?

Based on empirical data so far, I’m guessing more than 60" drop is required.

I tested it and from a height of about 58 inches, the ball bounced to 20 inches.

If you bounce a ball in a goal and it comes back out again, you MIGHT risk DQ for descoring :wink: I;m sure you wouldn;t get DQ the first time though, but if you did it repeatedly :stuck_out_tongue:

You could argue that it never “settled” and therefore didn’t ever really attain a scored position as well. I think either argument is a bit of a stretch though.


Isn’t the whole situation :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps the main point is that dropping all the object you score from 30" isn’t the best idea

Well, if you drop an object into a goal, there’s the chance that it catches on one of the support rings on the side and loses a lot of its energy.

A fixed conveyor or processor that folds out at the beginning of the match that doesn’t adjust in height would have to worry about this sort of thing. On the other hand, you might miss the goal entirely if you drop something into a 11.5in goal from that height.

Agreed. It just doesn’t seem like a viable strategy to me.


Yeah that’s the thing. But someone should try it :smiley:

A little off topic but I also noticed that the balls are also not balanced. There is a smooth ring around them from the injection moulding process that has thicker plastic and weighs more. If you roll a ball it always coms to rest with this section vertical.

Going back to the Clean Sweep years, my team was dropping the footballs and the green balls from a height of 30, 40, sometimes even 50 inches. At this height, they would scatter all over the field…

I imagine the Gateway elements will react the same way… Maybe it’s time to break out the Clean Sweep robot, and see how they react when dropped… Now that I think about it, a robot that scored in the triangles could probably make a pretty good effort this year with a few changes… Or no changes at all if you had a reach like we did…


Green Eggs: Is Fred III still together? It would be interesting to see if you could maybe make it work for the 11.5" goals? :smiley:

cleansweep bots were the first that came to our mind as hoarder bots!
remember all those HUGE bucket-bots?
well, ta-da!
perfect for a hoarding strategy

Of course not.

Alternative 1: You have to drop it from at least 50" to get it to bounce into a 20" goal.

Alternative 2: Gently lower the Gobs into the circular goal by sliding your manipulator between goal poles, rather than drop it from the top of the goal.