Do I have enough time

Our team 1115A is wondering do we have enough time to do a base redesign ( a week and a half). We want to redesign because we have a drive base dying issue. We first competed with a x drive with high speed 2.75 inch wheel design. It was really slow and it was not the lightest bot and the base kept dying. Our current drive is still a x but much lighter (about a pound and a half lighter and is using high speed and 4 inch wheels. The full bot is 12 pounds with a 8 bar the weight is pretty evenly spread out when lift is down. But if we lift with objects or start to push a lot of objects around the base dies. Our team is capable of redesigning our base in a day but don’t know if it is worth it please help. Also put any ideas if you think we can fix it.

have you tried frontal antitips?

If by “mecum” you mean Mecanum, then I would not use Mecanum wheels for Starstruck. In my opinion, the Mecanum wheels suck up too much energy for the kind of speed you’ll probably want in this year’s game.

ya, try omnis

Major oops x drive

You should have time to redesign the base. If you change it to a tank drive, chain the front and back wheels together because your issue might be that your robot is leaning backwards or forwards, putting all of the weight on just 2 motors.

If you have the ability to redo the base then DO IT!!! Pushing around stars and cubes is extremely important. We’ve competed at 3 competitions this years and at each one we’ve noticed an increased need to be able to push stuff out of your way mainly due to claws becoming more and more popular and because of this there are a lot of forward claws (that I’ve seen at least in Indiana) that get stuff in the way when you’re trying to dump stuff out.

@Michael Nutt Very true, but ifyou were to keep it from being slow, change it to four torque motor drive train geared faster. Not only that but you should use 3.25’" Omniwheels because they are the heaviest ones, I know it may seem impossible but they are. We have a 4 motor tank drive, chain attached, and 3.25"Omniwheels. Tomorrow, we’re planning to gear our drive so it is way faster than it currently is. @jonathan1115 If you were to do a redesign in one day for a drive train, you have a lot of time on your hands. If you want, you can improve your design for whatever you have right now. Good luck this season!

I mean… there’s always time… the old 9551A bot (Godzilla) at worlds for skyrize was completly rebuilt the night before. And I mean COMPLETELY.
Possible? Yeah. Recommended? Nah.

In my opinion, I would recommend a rebuild. After competing in 4 competitions now, I’ve seen most robots fail with an X-Drive. Many teams have either spent hours perfecting the design or failed, either way, the profit isn’t close to the investment. I recommend a tank drive using a minimum of 4 motors externally geared. I use 7:5 speed gear ratio on my bot and we are fast enough to clear the skills field in a minute. I prefer to link all 4 wheels together, it just helps ensure a reliable autonomous. We are using 3.25" Omnis. The bot is really fast, so fast in fact that the motors began to stall. We implemented Slew Rate Code to take the brute force of the joysticks. We now drive at 75% of the capable speed and can traverse 12 feet in 3.5 seconds.

Thanks for the input in under a day the entire base has been changed to a 4 motor H drive with hs 1-1 4 inch omnis.