Do I have to use Okapi for Autonomous

I deleted the Okapi Lib earlier on because the file was too big with it and it wouldnt upload to the brain. I am coding for autonomous and it is working although there are a few bugs. Would I have to switch to coding in Okapi? Like for tournaments and stuff and just vex overall is it ok to have my autonomous code in main.cpp?

…what? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Like do I have to code the autonomous in the Okapi Lib?

OkapiLib is a library that helps teams have an easy way to code autons. However, it is not needed and you should be fine if you code within the β€œautonomous” void of main.cpp.

Extra note: If you want to make it a bit more organized I would suggest creating a whole new .cpp file for only your autons as it will get very cluttered if in the main.cpp area.

Another Extra Note: When first uploading a pros program to the brain you will need to plug it in directly with the USB cable. The file is quite large and won’t have a fun time sending wirelessly.


No, you don’t need to use Okapi Lib to code auton in VEXcode or PROS.

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